Expanded Resume

Ronald R. Hart

513 W. Tyler St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Email: hartr@pcisys.net

Phone: (719) 465-3246


          30+ Years Architectural CAD Background / 3D Visualization Specialist / Architectural Designer & Drafter

CAD Manager / Instructor / Sales Support / Demonstrations Specialist / Technical Support Manager

Accomplished results-oriented CAD/BIM specialist offering technical expertise to architectural firms, design shops, store-planning groups and CAD software companies.

Solid history of success across all architectural design and production environments. Exceptional reputation for providing technical support and training to diverse groups.  Managed several architectural drafting/CAD shops. Architectural designer and CAD instructor, teaching beginning through advanced systems. Knows the industry, is a strong team player, and a skillful demonstrator/speaker with groups of varying sizes. Has extensive experience providing detailed technical training and support to Architectural CAD users.

General Strengths:

  • Creation of architectural 3D computer models
  • Production of architectural renderings
  • Production of architectural construction documents
  • Managing CAD departments
  • Providing custom CAD training
  • Software demonstrations
  • Retail store design
  • Speaking to groups


Independent Architectural CAD/BIM consultant – Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Sole Proprietor

(1994 to Present)

I am the sole proprietor and only employee of this company. I concentrate on the AEC vertical market, multiple computer platforms and several major Architectural CAD systems, primarily AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. I act as strategic management consultant for firms using or considering CAD or BIM. I work with architects and their staff to develop and implement effective CAD and/or BIM and operational standards and procedures improving both interoffice communications and streamlining their communications with their consultants and people in the field. I provide individually customized training at the clients’ sites, on their computers. I provide a professional architectural drafting service to architects and designers. I produce architectural presentations – everything from colored 2D plans and elevations to full-color renderings to real-time walk-thru 3D models.


¨        Co-authored “Arris Users Guide”, for Sigma Design.

¨        Co-authored “CAD Software Evaluation Report” by CAD For Principals.

¨        Created the Arris CAD 7.0 and Arris CAD 2001 Training CDs for Sigma Design.

¨        Created a 3-D AutoCAD model of the main collage and the Health Sciences Center campus for Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

¨        Conducted Peer Research for Tactics, a market research firm in California.

¨        Authored “Arris Architect Studio vs AutoCAD”, a white paper for Sigma Design.

¨        Presented Arris CAD demos for Sigma Design.

¨        Evaluated AutoCAD CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) add-on software programs for IBM, Dallas, TX.

¨        Produced CAD standards and procedures documentation for Gensler and Associates/Architects, Fort Worth, TX

¨        Produced CAD standards and procedures documentation for Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Dallas, TX

¨        Created 3D CAD models and renderings for various Architectural firms and designers.

¨        Produced AutoCAD drawings for various Architectural firms and designers.

¨        Provided CAD training and 3D rendering training for various Architectural firms and designers.

SIGMA DESIGN – Fort Worth, Texas – A national architectural CAD software company.

Director of technical services

(1993 to 1994)

Sigma had recently sold their Arris CAD software into Wal-Mart’s store planning department when they offered me this position. I had the primary responsibility of installing Wal-Mart’s hardware and software and training their personnel. They had 45 seats of Arris CAD running on Hewlett Packard work stations on a large Unix network.


¨        Installed Arris CAD software.

¨        Trained operators.

¨        Demonstrated software.

¨        Provided technical support to the sales force.

¨        Provided maintenance and support to end users.


AAFES is a joint military activity that builds and runs the PX and BX stores on military posts and bases. Their national headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. 

CAD System Manager

(1989 to 1993)

Having previously trained some of their personnel, I accepted this position to run the CAD department in their store planning division.


¨        Monitored the procurement and administered the instillation of the hardware and software for the Customer Facilities department.

¨        Wrote custom AutoLISP programs to customize the CAD system for their specific applications.

¨        Was instrumental in selection, purchase and installation of the conference room’s large screen projector and its connection with the CAD computers.

¨        Orchestrated and administered the networking of all the CAD system computer workstations.

¨        Routinely created 3-D models and custom CAD presentations.

¨        Solely created and implemented the standards and procedures for use by all CAD users.

¨        Maintained a database of all hardware and software on all the CAD systems.

¨        Trained the draftsmen (Designers, Architects, Engineers and Inspectors), first on the operation of the CAD system, then on the use of custom programs and finally, with continuing formal educational classes for the CAD systems operators.

CAD DIRECTIONS – Fort Worth, Texas – An architectural CAD consultant.

Sole Proprietor

(1988 to 1989)

This was the first time I worked for myself. I provided software demonstrations for CAD dealers and software customizations for CAD users. My major client was NTS, a major real estate development and management company in Louisville, Kentucky. That contract lasted for 9 months.


¨        Interviewed and hired qualified employees to staff new CAD department.

¨        Trained the operators to use the new CAD system.

¨        Created 3D Model and fly-around presentations of new homes.

¨        Procured hardware and software.

¨        Provided NTS with the ability to do 2-D design, 3-D modeling and Video imaging.

¨        Directed personnel in developing as-built CAD database of their commercial properties.

¨        Automated the production of monthly space occupancy reports.

¨        Enabled their personnel to provide automated tenant fit-out cost estimates.

¨        Wrote custom software to provide HVAC, electrical, and inventory tracking information.

¨        Established a set of standards and procedures, complete with documentation on all custom software.

¨        Managed the CAD personnel on a day-to day basis and implemented work-flow procedures and revision-control.

SIGMA DESIGN CORP. – Dallas, Texas – A national architectural CAD software company Their software is called Arris CAD. 

National Applications Consultant


Responsibility for all of the application consultants, nationwide.


¨        Created custom demonstrations for new products.

¨        Provided demonstration support at national shows.

¨        Provided training and support to Regional Application Consultants.

¨        Provided technical support and demonstrations at dealer sites.

District Marketing Manager


Responsibility for establishing the dealerships in the southern reign.


¨        Located and started up new CAD dealers.

¨        Provided CAD dealers with sales support.


Regional Applications Consultant


Expanded responsibility to the entire southern reign.


¨        Provided training and technical support to dealers.

¨        Demonstrated CAD software at dealer sites.


Applications Consultant

(1984 to 1986)

Provided demonstrations and technical support to the sales force.


¨        Provided training and technical support to dealers.

¨        Demonstrated CAD software at dealer sites.

INTERGRAPH CORP. – Dallas, Texas – A national CAD hardware/software company.

Applications Demonstrations Specialist

(1982 to 1984)

Intergraph was just introducing their “Architectural Innovator” turn-key CAD systems for architects. At that time CAD companies provided the hardware, software, installation, training and support.


¨        Demonstrated Intergraph CAD software primarily to architects.

¨        Provided technical sales support.

ZALE CORP. – Dallas, Texas

A national retail chain store with jewelry stores as well as shoes, sporting goods, drug stores, furniture and catalog stores. In the decade of the 70’s Zale Corporation grew to more than 1,700 stores. During this growth period, I was working for them in their property development department.

Job Captain

(1981 to 1982)

As Job Captain I managed the CAD system operators.


¨        Managed the CAD system.

¨        Trained new personnel.

¨        Supervised the seven CAD drafters.

¨        Wrote custom software.

Lead CAD Operator

(1979 to 1981)

Zale Corporation purchased an Auto-trol AD/380 CAD system in 1979. I soon became the Lead Operator.  This was a refrigerator sized computer and workstations with green screens that you had to use in a darkened room. I fell in love with the possibilities I could see in the future of CAD.


¨        Produced drawings on the CAD system.

¨        Assisted other CAD operators.

Architectural Draftsman

(1973 to 1979)

Zale Corporation was opening over 200 new stores a year while I was there.


¨        Produced construction documents for retail stores.

Various architectural companies – Fort Worth, Texas

Architectural Draftsman

 (1969 to 1973)

In 1969, after two years of study in the school of Architecture at the University of Texas, I began a career as an architectural draftsman.


¨        Produced construction documents for Architects and designers.

¨        Produced both pen & ink, and watercolor renderings.


¨       Graduated Permian High School in Odessa, Texas

¨       Attended the University of Texas at Austin – Architecture, 29 Semester Hours

¨       Attended the University of Texas at Arlington – Architecture, 35 Semester Hours

¨       Attended the University of Texas at Arlington – Art, 12 Semester Hours

¨       Attended Tarrant County Junior Collage – Computer Science, 12 Semester Hours

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